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There is something deep inside of us, something divine. It is an invisible and incredible power of sacred origin. A force that can make everything happen, make the impossible, move mountains and tear the sea apart.

This inner power is called motivation. It is the power of your soul.

It is the driving mental energy that we all have to create and reach our goals, to shake the universe, if we have to, and make our dreams come true.

It is the power of your soul that gives intensity and duration to your efforts, to keep going, when it looks meaningless.  To keep going, because you want to cross the “red thin line” and make imposible a reality.

It is the power that transforms “I want” into “I can” and give reality a new icon. It is “the reason”, the “why” that once made you scream so loud, because you did it, or you failed…

Give it feathers and you will feel that you can fly, conquering the greatest sky’s. Your victory against the whole world, causing shivers to those who are watching you. It is your mind and soul, which keep looking, searching, open ways to new horizons.

We are our motivations.

We see them in our dreams and they breath with us thru life. In our past, present and future.

Look for your motivation. Dig inside of you if you haven’ t found it yet. Let it free and follow your dreams.

They are one of the few things worth fighting for!