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Coaching is wonderful!

This phrase says everything. The coach is a creator and has the responsibility but also the joy of enjoying his creation if he has achieved his purpose. Improving the performance of his athlete or team, breaking a record or winning a game offer an incredible, intoxicating feeling of satisfaction!

Coaching is not a game. Deep knowledge, seriousness and understanding the responsibility the coach has to have, are necessary to be able to “experiment” with his athlete’s or the team’s trusting values. Responsibility, because the coach also manipulate the dreams of his athlete’s for success and last, but not least, his personality.

Do not let the word “experiment” annoy you. In principle, training process is an experiment that repeats itself indefinitely hoping to bring the changes coach and athlete expect. Occasionally these do not happen, or cease to exist, causing confusion, nagging and sorrow…

Coaching is science. Knowledge, based on research and its effectiveness is proven by exercise physiology. But it is also an experience that has its roots in “Trial and Error”. Many responses to the effectiveness of methods and training systems or exercises have been given to us because other have “experimented” previously with positive or negative results.

But ultimately achieving individual elite performance is a multiplicity of factors which does not end in the theoretical approach of a workout or seasonal program. As perfect as it is in its design, it is often a subject to change during its execution, and that’s what coaching is all about. Because what is designed on paper is rarely performed on the field.

Ideally (in advanced sports societies), scientists with a variety of specialties (coaching, exercise physiologist, dietician, physiotherapist etc) are working all together. Their successful collaboration is the guarantee for the expected succesful outcome and the biggest help for the athlete who is ultimately the one who will stand behind the start blogs or the team that will enter the stadium with the expectation of the audience applause!