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Andreas Linardatos – C.V.

Andreas Linardatos

Andreas Linardatos (born 1965, The Netherlands) is a graduate of the Kapodestrian University of Athens, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science (BSc in Sports Science & Exercise). He has a specialty in athletics with postgraduate studies in the USA and Germany in the application of training methodology to elite level athletes as well as in sports nutrition.

Andreas has also been following private seminars in Italy by late professor Carmelo Bosco PhD in the application of Neuromuscular Mechanical Stimulation to athletes and trainees with the aim of improving sports performance and rehabilitation.

Experiential knowledge of the physiological, technical, cultural, and psychological demands of professional athletes.

Proven experience developing and implementing movement based athlete development and performance nutrition systems in order to maximize sports performance.

Author of the book “Innovations in Sprint Training – A Modern Approach” (in Greek ISBN 978-618-00-0300-0 and in press in English) and a manual script titled “The application of Neuromuscular Mechanical Stimulation – NEMES BOSCO SYSTEM”. Also a member of  European Athletics Coaches Association community.

Andreas has been a member of the Greek National Athletics Team for more than 12 years (200m, 400m, 4x400m) and has coached the National teams (sprints and hurdles) of Greece and Qatar. His athletes have achieved more than 13 National Records in sprinting and hurdling events.

His coaching knowledge and advice has helped improve performance of many champions, in various sports, with participation and remarkable success at European, World Championships and Olympic Games. Among those athletes, also Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou (GRE, pole vault 4.83m Pb) with responsibility to improve her physical condition from 2017 until early 2021.

Indicative performances of track and field athletes when they trained under his supervision include:


  • 60m: 3 athletes with performances from 6″.51 to 6″.70
  • 60mH: 1 athlete 7″.70
  • 100m: 5 athletes with performances from 10″.21 to 10″.46
  • 200m: 3 athletes with performances from 20″.70 to 21″.02
  • 400m: 4 athletes with performances from 46″.65 to 47″.90
  • 110mH: 1 athlete with a performance of 13″.85
  • 400mH: 3 athletes with performances from 49″.53 to 50″.08


  • 60m: 2 athletes with performances from 7″.20 to 7″.59
  • 100m: 4 athletes with performances from 11″.12 to 11″.68
  • 200m: 3 athletes with performances from 22″.67 to 23″.43
  • 400m: 3 athletes with performances from 52″.80 to 53″.19

Andreas is a father of a son and a daughter and is married with Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou, Bronze Medallist in WCH Beijing 2015 and  8th Olympic finalist in Tokyo 2021 in pole vault.