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Booster Pro2 is a “massage gun”, a device that applies shock waves – vibrations. It is designed for quick recovery, reducing fatigue and treating a range of muscle aches and injuries. Shock wave therapy is ideal for athletes who are physically active or suffer from stiff and tired muscles. Booster Pro2 is designed so that everyone can apply it to themselves – on the muscle tissue – and relieve pain or relax tight muscles.


Percussion therapy, also known as neuromuscular shock therapy, uses pressure pulses in a concentrated area to treat musculoskeletal injuries. It can release muscle spasms, enhance blood flow, relieve pain and ultimately improve function and range of motion.

The treatment with neuromuscular vibrations differs from the traditional massage because it can bring about the desensitization of the surrounding area of ​​a tired muscle through the shock waves. The soothing function on the muscle tissue makes it possible to treat this muscle injury with less intense pain and discomfort, thus providing relief. In addition, with traditional hand massage, it may not always be easy to penetrate the muscle tissue to the depths where the problem occurs, thus not addressing the issue effectively.

The benefits of using Booster Pro2 Shock Therapy are:

▪ Relaxing tight muscles, thus increasing muscle flexibility and agility
▪ Accelerating warm-up time
▪ Helps remove lactic acid from the muscles and reduces fatigue
▪ It can “break” the scar tissue in an injured muscle and thus speed up the healing of the injury
▪ Reduces muscle pain
▪ Increases blood circulation and oxygen distribution
▪ Saving time compared to traditional massage (the session lasts less) and benefit when your masseur is not available.

How to use

It is recommended to apply 10-20 minutes per session every other day or after difficult workouts. Always listen to your body or advice from the medical team who is supervising your workouts.

To treat pain or muscle injuries we recommend the following steps:

▪ Locate the trigger point of the pain
▪ Do not place the massage gun directly on this sore or injured area. ▪ Depending on the point, choose the right head in order to reach the muscle tissue accurately and in depth.
▪ Start 20cm away from this point and move your head slowly and gently to the spot you have located. Select the desired volume and press the trigger for 15-20 seconds


▪ Wireless device that applies 12mm shock waves in 9 different frequencies
▪ 5 different heads for better targeting and application
▪ Vibration frequencies from 1800 to 3400 / minute
▪ Silent operation
▪ Powered by a 24V battery that lasts 3.5 – 4 hours
▪ Light (weight 1kg) and comes with an easy-to-carry carrying case so you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Important: Do not overdo it. Always listen to your body and follow the advice of your physiotherapist or doctor.