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Combinations of more specific assignments, properly arranged in the training program can enhance the development of specific drills and athletic abilities. Speed development requires the application of drills which bring about memory to the motor neuron centers and muscles, as well as efforts which develop rhythm and timing of the target actions. These drills can duplicate technical details and rehearsal strength and speed of training actions. The main objective of the assignments is to create some kind of surplus in efforts whenever this relates to the strength and speed of execution of the target actions.

Drills depend on the equipment used for training (sticks, boxes, weight pants etc) or the selected training method followed (resistance, contrast, assistance etc). Coaches and athletes can use different drills to suit their training needs, applying the whole program of one modality or combining different assignments in one and following sessions.

■ Equipment: towel, regular harness, elastic tubing, sled, tire, weight pants


  1. Increase driving efforts
  2. Increase duration of striding actions
  3. Accomplish full striding actions
  4. Master efforts of initial steps of acceleration
  5. Master transition of efforts from build up to maintenance
  6. Master starting burst


1. Dragging moderate resistance (sled or tire) from an exaggerated walking start. Distances between 80-120m, 4-6 reps. 

2. Dragging heavy resistance from a walking start. Distances 30-50m, 4-6 reps.

3. Starts with elastic resistance. Early release.

4. Distances between 20-40m, 4-6 reps. Using weight pants, which will concentrically load the hip flexors. Weight pants can be used      while dragging resistance or while executing running / jumping drills.

5. Starts with resistance (towel or elastic tube)

6. Uphill running. Distances 60 -120m.

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