The need to supplement your diet with a food supplement (protein, vitamins, energy formula etc) depends on many factors.

First of all, the qualitative composition of your daily nutrition and whether it covers your needs. These are different every day and depend on your activities. For someone who work in constructions vs someone who works in an office or an athlete, they all have different nutrition needs to cover. Even among athletes, the dietary requirements are not the same for a weight lifter vs a sprinter or a football player. The type of sports activity that someone chooses, the frequency, the duration or the intensity, differentiate the amount and type of supplement that one most likely will be needed in order to cover all needs of nutrition. Proper use (type of supplement, quantity, time taken) is a determining factor in the efficacy of a product and its effect on physical performance.

Supplements are countless. You do not need them all !!!

Understand what your needs are, what goals you have set, implement a proper workout program and discuss it with your nutrition specialist (it can be even your coach) and follow his advice.

So, if you are exercising systematically, your choices are definitely on the right track when you have at least a carbohydrate energy drink handy during your workouts, a product that will take care of your post workout recovery, regenerating those tired – even damaged muscles and the immediate replenishment of your energy reserves. Additional supplements such as a multivitamin, or special amino acid formulas, might also be an additional choice.

Remember to read the small letters  on the labels as well the instructions how to use the product, the indications and of course the contraindications (if any).

In any case, your nutrition advisor or your coach will have the knowledge to correctly identify you with choosing the right product for all your needs.

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