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A wide range of services are offered. Find bellow which one will cover your needs. Feel welcome to contact us further to discuss the details.

  • Personalized training to improve and maximize sports performance of athletes in any sport.
    Often team sports athletes are unable to fully develop their athletic skills. Choosing a personal trainer is the best way to move fast forward!
  • Especially adapted training to recover from sports related injuries.
    Injury for any athlete can cause serious problems in his career unless special attention is paid to proper rehabilitation and empowerment.
  • Fit or Fat, you choose!!
    Slimming is now easier than ever! Specialized exercise programs aiming at weight loss and parallel muscle firming.
  • Preparing students for University of Physical Education and military schools exams.
    Targeted training for sports that have been required during entry examinations
  • Stress Away!
    A general wellness program designed to relieve daily stress
  • Special training workouts aimed at improving the quality of life. Quality of life, especially for the elderly, depends directly on good physical condition. Mild form of exercise with “miraculous” results!
  • Advisory proposals to improve nutrition.
    “Tell me what you eat to tell who you are!” Ask for advice on improving your diet.
  • Supplementary nutrition support.
    Sometimes our daily dietary needs, especially if you exercise on a daily basis, may have shortcomings. Whether you are a professional athlete or a “weekend warrior” a special supplement program to enhance and maximize your sports performance can make the difference! Ask us to design a supplementary program tailor made for your needs.

Services are offered by Andreas Linardatos (see C.V.) and his associates

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